Thursday, March 6, 2014

Repentance 2014

This is an independent movie directed by Philippe Caland. Starring Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Mike Epps, Sanaa Lathan and Nicole Ari Parker. This movie is about author Tommy Carter played by Anthony Mackie who is quickly becoming a local celebrity for writing a book about his experience temporarily dying in a car accident. His devoted wife Maggie Carter played by Sanaa Lathan thinks that she has hit the jackpot with him as a husband. He appears sweet, educated and loyal as well. During a book signing a mysterious fan  approaches him seeming to be obsessed with his book he has certain pages highlighted and anxiously asks Tommy about certain phrases he uses in his book. Then he asks Tommy for a private therapy session since he used to be a life coach before he was an author. At first Tommy declines saying he's too busy and famous to help people on a personal level anymore. He quickly changes his mind once his brother comes back into town after getting out of jail. desperately needing money
played by Mike Epps. On his own accord Tommy seeks out the mysterious fan named Angel Sanchez played by Forest Whitaker. Angel needs help getting over the mysterious murder of his mother and takes Tommy up on his offer. The audience can tell that Tommy's first impression of Angel is that he is creeped out by him but he takes the case anyways strictly for the money. Here is where it gets interesting. We as the audience are immediately supposed to come up with these impressions of who Angel is and who Tommy is. That Tommy is the nice good guy just trying to help and Angel is just a bats*%t crazy nut job whose probably schizophrenic. The film even alerts you to the fact that Angel is on medication and his wife has recently left him due to unknown reasons. 
Once Tommy's brother tells him he no longer needs the money and that he'll find another way to pay his debts Tommy immediately tells Angel he quits despite Angel's protests, as he turns to leave Angel hits him over the head with a pipe and kidnaps the budding author. I can't say anymore without giving away the huge twist at the end of the movie that you truly do not see coming. This film has an excellent plot its original and I personally have never seen a suspense film created quite like this. Yet the execution of the film needs alot of work. The director tried his best with the 5,000 budget that he had to work with but the acting came off as lazy and uninspired. The writing was for lack of better word shotty and confusing. I understood the jist of what was trying to be portrayed but getting through the film takes actual work from the audience. The story is not unfolded for us we have to use our common sense reasoning skills to try to fill in the plot holes that the writing leaves out for us. I don't think that's what the film was trying to do. I give it a solid B for originality. This film will definitely be duplicated and copied and hopefully it will be executed better. Warning this film has brutal disgusting scenes of torture, blood, dismemberment and child endangerment watch at your own risk.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Robocop 2014

If you watch this film make sure its in IMAX is an action film and its RoboCop I mean it's kind of a must. The film is starring Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop/Alex Murphy, Samuel Jackson as the tv journalist and Gary Oldman as the scientist that created Frankenstein aka Robocop. Oh and K.C Collins as another police office. I wrote about this actor as a future star before I knew he would be starring in this film and it turns out I was right. Let me start off my saying I was never a fan of the 80's franchise mainly because I thought it was hokey probably had outdated special effects and actors who I never heard of. So going into this film I was prepared to watch a ridiculous money grubbing production with an actor walking around like Batman in a robot outfit. I must say now that I watched it I was pleasantly surprised. We are introduced to Alex Murphy pre-robocop he is the epitome of the take no prisoners urban swag having police officer. He's tall, muscular and has a athletic physique that the female and gay audience members will be glued to. I was expecting it to have a little bit of action and corny one liners. What I saw was solid acting all round from all the leads, a well written and executed screenplay that included action, politics, love and a character development. Plus the CGI was down to a minimum so no one looked like a cartoon during the action sequences.
The film starts out with a news crew in Iran showing America the way life could be at home if they recruited all robots to be police officers so that no more human lives would have to be wasted in the line of duty.  Of course on cue a terrorist attack breaks out that would have ordinarily killed at least 6 U.S soldiers instead only the robots were harmed. It seems like having robots instead of cops would be a no brainier. Except for the fact that the lack of human emotions worries certain delegates in Congress. Their argument is can a robot really reason like a person and is it wise to have artificial intelligence overseeing real people. Their plan to to put veterans that have been severely physically damaged in war like missing limbs and put them into a robotic suit. So that they will have the strength and abilities of a robot yet the subconscious and reasoning skills of a human.  They can't seem to figure out which cripple to choose for the experiment. Until there was an attempt on Alex Murphy's life in which his car was rigged to explode at his home with his family there to watch. His body is so badly deformed the only option is to die or become RoboCop of course due to the title of the movie we know which one was picked.  We watch this man go from this confident brave, take no prisoners police officer, to suicidal once he realizes he has to live out the remainder of his life in a suit.  To realizing with his new body he can get revenge on the people that put him in that position. I can't say anymore without giving away the entire movie. I give this film an A+. It was that good I really saw no flaws to harp on. Go see it!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ride Along 2013

Ride Along is starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Tika Sumpter directed by Tim Story. The film's main plot is that Ice Cube's sister Tika Sumpter is dating Kevin Hart. Kevin wants to marry her but she makes it clear that she won't go through with the wedding unless her brother approves. Of course in true comedy fashion Ice Cube character's hates Kevin and wants him to give up on being with his sister. In order to scare him away for good he takes him on a brutal ride along with him during his cop escapades. Kevin Hart is a mega star with his adorable shortness and raspy comedic voice. He saves every terrible move he is in. Ride Along included. This is ultimately a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop. Those were comedies too by the way but how they succeeded where this movie failed is that they actually had many serious moments and the the actors seemed to try to act a little bit.
This film is bad, badly directed, edited, written and produced. I couldn't understand why Tika Sumpter's character was giving her overprotective brother so much power over her relationship until the end. The audience finds out that their foster children with no parents so all they have is each other. Ohhh, That makes sense why couldn't they make that clear at the beginning of the movie? Every single comedy moment falls flat and dull I was waiting for the movie to end. There are no actors that stand out in this film and I can not believe how they under used John Leguizamo.
This actor is very versatile I have seen him play a drag queen, boxer, comedienne even a mentally damaged police officer. He has acting skills and he is so adorable, in this film he just came off as the token Latino guy. To me he deserves better than that. I give this film a F for pure stupidity. Yet if you bought your ticket to see this you know what your getting yourself into. Don't get me wrong sometimes people just want to watch a mindless silly film for fun. If that is your goal Ride Along is perfect for you.

Friday, January 10, 2014

About Last Night 2014

I got advanced screening tickets to see About Last night for free. Finally some perks for being a film reviewer. This is a comedy directed by Steve Pink starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant. It about two couples one is calm, deep and serious. The other is the complete opposite their loud, shallow and always goofing off together. One makes the film funny the other puts the audience to sleep. Kevin Hart is coupled up with Regina Hall and they have tremendous on screen chemistry both romantically and comically. Michael Ealy is coupled up with Joy Bryant here is where it gets boring. They have no on screen chemistry their not funny together their honestly depressing and not believable as a couple. They meet have an instant one night stand which happens in America and then fall in love somehow even though they start out as just sex buddies? Soon after they fall in love move in together, buy a dog and zzzzzzz.
Regina Hall and Kevin Hart steal the movie hands down without them the film would not be worth watching. They are hilarious together they meet have an instant one night stand and also become sex buddies. Then they argue from poor communication and common couples mix ups like meeting the parents, are we a couple or not and more dating disasters. They had the theater rolling with laughter.

Overall i give this film a D+ it was boring and very unoriginal. The main couple was dull and  Joy Bryant isn't someone who I would want to date as a man sure she's cute but had little to no personality. Micheal Ealy comes off as very blah also, he has an amazing body and beautiful exotic eyes but is that really leading man potential? Also i did not like the fact that sex was such a casual thing in the film. Nobody made a true commitment to each other and everyone broke up so easily. Is that what love is in 2014 if  it is what a sad thought. I suggest you rent it with your significant other and take it for what it is a predictable dull romantic comedy.

Being Mary Jane

This is BET's first scripted drama series starring Gabrielle Union. BET first debuts this as a 2 hour movie we are introduced to this urban well off professional woman Mary Jane right off the bat her life seems complicated she has this gorgeous drunk man stumbling up to her doorstep begging her to let him in for some midnight loving. They do the do in one of the most graphic love scenes I have ever seen Gabrielle in, in my life. They leave very little to the imagination. After her midnight rendezvous with this man she wakes up wondering if this could be her future husband or just a future steady booty call. Her question is answered when she accidentally steps on his wedding ring. After she promptly kicks him out we learn that Mary Jane is a famous broadcast journalist on a respected news station. This show is amazing every woman who has ever had a non perfect married her high school sweetheart relationship can relate to this.We watch her get humiliated, ignored, going through family drama and stand up for herself and community with conviction and passion. Making her an instant black girl hero yes I said black girl because she goes through certain trials and tribulations that only a black female would understand in depth.

I am not personally a huge fan of Gabrielle Union. I never felt her acting skills were up to par and she always plays the same role over and over again. The sexy bad ass female who makes every man drool while maintaining a playful smirk the entire time. Yet in this role I love her, she keeps the smirks down to a minimum she looks breathtakingly beautiful and her acting is on point. I believe in her anger, disappointment and frustration. I feel for her when she is not treated right by the men she interacts with and family members.After the movie Being Mary Jane went from a movie to a 8 episode original series. I recommend this to women between the ages of 23-77. It comes on Tuesdays at 10pm on BET=Black Entertainment Television

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Actors Who Are Hidden Gems

Here are a couple of actors that I think are so gorgeous they have leading man potential or their just plain talented actors that are underused and under seen.

 Allow me to introduce Brandon Fobbs a 31 year old actor. He is currently starring in HBO's sleeper hit Getting On. Although he does have lines this actor melts into the background of the show. I'm hopping he has a more prominent role later on in the series. He's gorgeous charming and from what I can tell has decent on screen talent! If he blows up you heard about him from me first!

This is K.C Collins an American man from New York he is a junior college drop out deciding to pursue acting instead. I discovered him from the Sci fi show Lost Girl. I won't lie he isn't the best actor in the universe but he did a shirtless scene in Lost Girl that made me catch my breath so I have been hooked ever since. He is now on the show Saving Hope if you want to check him out. I want this actor to get roles where he stands out more and is possibly the lead.

German actor Falk Hentschel passionate blue eyes hit you even in a picture. I first saw him in the Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz. Falk played the train assassin, what stood out to me about  him is how he so quickly went from a regular all American accent to a deep German menacing voice. This man can act his butt off and he should have had Tom's role in the film. I have a feeling this actor will blow up very soon. He has a background in dancing he did it professionally as a  supporting dancer for singers like Mariah  Carey, Britney Spears and more. Love him.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

47 Ronin

Okay I won't lie I initially went into this movie to laugh at Keanu Reeves as an actor, also to grin at him try to use martial arts and a sword like a samurai. He is pretty famous for being a bad actor there have even been Mad Tv skits about it.  To my surprise they did not give him that many lines, he mostly made noises and facial expressions. I think they cast him for star power, he was tied to one of the greatest action movies of all time The Matrix and people still remember and appreciate him in this role. This film is big budget and expected to bomb.  This film is set in ancient Japan when samurai, witchcraft and princesses roamed the earth. I get that it is an American made movie and american audiences can be lazy when it comes to reading subtitles but its kind of odd seeing an all Asian cast speak in broken English. At the beginning of the movie the narrator talks about samurai who are disgraced in some way and are cast out of of their inner circle of samurai they are called Ronin warriors. Then they show this shaved head half white half Japanese boy running really fast through the forest who is described as a demon he is adopted by this ruler and his daughter who is the same age as the boy. The half ling boy and girl grow up to fall in love and are completely attached to each other. They grow up to be Keanu Reeves and actress Ko Shibaski who plays Mika their love is forbidden because he is half Japanese and she is a noble princess. WHATEVER! I came to watch people getting their heads sliced off by swords and some mystical powers and stuff not this weird romance stuff. I didn't like this movie that much i fell asleep a couple of times throughout the film. Because of that I can not give too much of a review. I will say the director and actors somewhat did their job because despite the odd confusing plot I did care about the welfare of the characters. This was a romance/revenge film and a couple of the audience members were cheering at the end when the Ronins got their revenge. I give this film a C-. I suggest renting this and watching it when your either intoxicated or high.